Gaming Town XeroN

November 2013 - May 2017

Quote from N-Jin's facebook post:

Before I start I'm sorry for my bad english! :]
Well this post is a different announcement because it has nothing to do with my creations or videos etc. but it has to do with my gaming community Gaming Town XeroN, which I founded with some friends around 4 years ago.
As you may noticed (or at least some members from GTX) this community was really inactive during the last weeks and some members or guests on our TeamSpeak server has problems to communicate during the games. It was laggy and has packet losts, which it had influence of good communications. I apologize for the lags but I can't do nothing more. But the days most of the members left to other servers to have better connections between the players.
But thats not the point of what I want to talk about. The organisation in GTX was may too bad and the TeamSpeak server was only a place to play some rounds. That's what happend in the last few months. But that was not the origin concept of GTX of what I wished for. The origin concept of GTX, which it's split into 3 parts (Fun, Creation and eSports) wasn't shown in all games except in ShootMania and TrackMania. With the creation of some members in maps and modes GTX had influence the daily life in maniaplanet and since TrackMania and ShootMania became really inactive most of the maniaplanet members leaved and I can understand the descision to leave the GTX-Community and some weeks later I closed the maniaplanet part of Gaming Town XeroN which it was a difficult descision for me cause I love this game so much and it's sad to see that maniaplanet comes really inactive. I know some honorable maniaplanet players still play shootmania or trackmania.
Well after the close of the maniaplanet section in GTX, the League of Legends member still played in GTX and I have to give up the origin concept because u can only play in this game and I couldn't see some creativity from the community side of LoL (maybe some fan artworks but that's not what I mean). In the last few weeks the member quantity goes down until only 7 or more and in this point I asked myself if it makes sense to keep this community alive.
At the end I came to the descision to close Gaming Town XeroN completely!
That is an unexpected and also a difficult step especially for a founder like me because the community existed almost 4 years and it was really known especially in ShootMania. I just saw for the last few weeks that it doesn't make sense anymore to keep this community alive. Many members from the community already joined to other clans or changed the games or haven't much time to play anymore.
GTX was my first, greatest and longest created project which comes to the end. I can't say how much I could thank you for all of these 4 years of great time and epic moments in maniaplanet and LoL.
Maybe we will see us in a different game ;)

N-Jin, your founder of GTX